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Warhammer Heroes - Strike Force Justian

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Warhammer Heroes comes with all the character-packed models you’ll need to mix-and-match a full kill team of Space Marines, each with their own inimitable style.

Unlike their battle-brothers who operate in single-armour formations, this strike force combines a Heavy Intercessor in Gravis armour, a Phobos-clad Eliminator, and Tacticus-armoured Intercessors of the ranged and assault variety – alongside the first ever Captain to grace this edition of Kill Team.

Each boxed set will contain one of each operative from Strike Force Justian and one random extra, with a datacard covering their stats, weapons, keywords, unique actions, and abilities. 

This kill team may have a locked-down loadout, but they each come with a choice of two heads – and their great base stats and straightforward rules make them a brilliant starting team for new players. The back of each card also provides one of the Ploys available to the team, and includes a QR code for quick access to the Kill Team Lite Rules.

Strike Force Justian is a standalone kill team, separate from the Phobos Strike Team, Intercession Squad, or Space Marine Compendium kill teams. They’re designed as a straightforward and self-contained entry point, and so lack the team-wide abilities and equipment options of their peers – on the other hand, they do have a Captain.

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