The Soul Drinkers Omnibus (Paperback)

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Product Description

The Soul Drinkers Omnibus (Paperback)

A Warhammer 40,000 Omnibus

The Soul Drinkers were once loyal servants of the Emperor who were touched by the curse of Chaos.


Strong characters and dialogue permeate these tales, which follow the descent of a once-loyal Space Marine Chapter into the grip of Chaos – even if their motives remain pure. Find out if the Soul Drinkers can survive the wrath of their former allies long enough to find a cure for their afflictions…


The Soul Drinkers have served the Imperium loyally for thousands of years, but when the opportunity arrives to retrieve an ancient relic of their Chapter, blind obsession throws them into conflict with those whom they are honour-bound to obey. Faced with an impossible choice between their duty to the Imperium and their duty to the Emperor, will this proud and noble Chapter compromise its beliefs, or forge a new destiny for themselves among the stars?

Written by Ben Counter. This omnibus edition brings together the novels Soul Drinker, The Bleeding Chalice, and Crimson Tears into one book.