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Irresistible Force

Capital Carnage - a privateer press games event 2021 (Canberra event)

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Welcome to Capital Carnage - A Privateer Press Games Event 2021! Running over July 3rd and July 4th 2021 in Canberra, ACT.

Having trouble reading event details on FB? Google Doc here:

The Venue: Lanyon Vikings Club, Heidelberg Street, Conder ACT 2906 (AKA South ACT)

Lanyon Vikings Club has been kind enough to allow us to use their function space FOR FREE so be sure to be extra nice to all the staff over the course of the weekend.
The Lanyon Vikings Club has a massive downstairs function space, is a licenced venue, has delicious pub meals and is overall a really nice venue!

Note that this venue opens at 11am, but closes at midnight on Saturday and 10pm on Sunday, so events will be starting and finishing later, but you do get to sleep in and such!

Players will not be required to become a member of the club (you will be signed in under Andrew’s name), but players will need to sign in to the ‘Check In CBR’ App and have their temperature checked upon entry.

Registration: Registration will be done via the Irresistible Force store page. Why? Because all the funds raised from this event are going towards purchasing new neoprene mats, terrain and zones to give the ACT a complete makeover for all WM/H events going forward!

This means that the poor old sheets and terrain that we’ve been using for 10+ years can be retired at long last and replaced with much nicer stuff!

Josh at Irresistible Force has been amazing in helping us source and organise these for us, hence the registration money going straight to Irresistible Force to remove an unnecessary middle-man.

Prizes: I got you, fam. While all the registration money is going towards new mats and such, I assure you there will be sufficient shiny things to hand out.

Saturday (3RD JULY 2021)
75pt Masters: (MAX 64 players) 11am registration for an 11:30am start, 4 rounds, Deathclock (60 minutes per player per game), round timer in place, 2 lists. The top 4 players will play in the Masters finals on Day 2.

Estimated finish time: 8:30-9pm
R1 11:30am-1:30pm LUN 1:30-2:30pm R2 2:30-4:30pm R3 4:40-6:40pm R4 6:50-8:50pm

Open play tables will be available from 11am to 9pm

Sunday (4TH JULY 2021)
25pt Brawlmachine: (MAX 16 players) 11am registration for a 11:30am start, 4 rounds, Death Clock (35 minutes per player per game), round timer in place, 1 list only, no sideboard.

Brawlmachine rules can be found here:

Estimated finish time: 5pm-5:30pm
R1 11:30am-12:40pm LUN 12:40-1:40pm R2 1:50-3pm R3 3:10-4:20pm R4 4:30-5:40pm

50pt Teams event: (MAX 24 players, 8 teams of 3 players) 11:30am registration for a 12pm start, 3 rounds, Deathclock (42 minutes per player per game), round timer in place, 2nd list optional, pairings and tables are randomised, teams must send me a list of all players in their team in advance.

Estimated finish time: 5-5:30pm
R1 12pm-1:30pm LUN 1:30-2:30pm R2 2:30-4pm R3 4:10-5:40pm

Masters Final: (4 players, invitation only) 11:30am registration for a 12pm start, 2 rounds, Death Clock (60 minutes per player per game), round timer in place. The top 4 players from day 1

Estimated finish time: 5pm
R1 12pm-2pm LUN 2-3pm R2 3-5pm

Warcaster Event: (MAX 8 players) 12:30pm registration for a 1pm start, 3 rounds DETAILS TBD
Estimated finish time: TBC

Riot Quest Event: (MAX 8 players - Depending on player numbers can be extended out to 16 players and a 4th round added) 1pm registration for a 1:30pm start

Format - 1v1 Single Match 3 rounds – 40 minutes per round

Crew Selection - Adventuring Party: Players must choose exactly 6 Heroes for their Crew and must choose one Hero from each Hero class. Their Riot Gear hand size is 6 cards.

Scoring - Game Wins: At the end of the event, the player with the most Game Wins wins the Best Finish award. The player with the next highest amount of Game Wins wins the Second-Best Finish award. Tiebreakers are resolved in the following order: players with the
Most Bounty VPs scored, players with the most Scrap VPs scored, strength of schedule.

Map and Deck Selection – Maps will be set up ahead of time and locked in, if you own decks/tokens it would be greatly appreciated if you can bring them 😊
Complete Riot Quest Rules can be found here: Complete Tournament Rules can be found here:

Estimated finish time: 4pm (4:40pm if 4 rounds are played)
R1 1:30pm-2:10pm R2 2:20-3pm R3 3:10-3:50pm R4 4-4:40pm

Open play tables will be available from 11am to 6pm

General housekeeping.
All events will use the current Steamroller/Masters/Relevant game system event pack.
At the start of Round 1 of each event your opponent will check your lists, if there are any issues or questions, call a TO over to have them resolved.
Players who are more than 15 minutes late for the start of an event will be dropped unless they give a TO prior notice.
Players who are more than 15 minutes late for the start of a round will suffer an automatic round loss.
Ask the TO if you want to know how much time you have to run and be free between rounds.

Unless noted otherwise painting is not required but it is encouraged. All models must be fully assembled with their front arcs marked.
Additionally, every tournament will have an award for best painted army, to be judged by either myself or one or more judges chosen by me.
You will be judged according to how sweet your army looks, not on specific techniques used.
Having at least 1 fully painted list in a tournament will make you eligible for this prize.

While you are expected to be on your best behaviour both before, during and after games, there will be prizes awarded for those who go above and beyond. Players can recommend a player for an award at any point during the event, or if I happen past someone displaying extraordinary sportsmanship.

Finishing Times
These have been calculated assuming the event runs the maximum time that it can across all rounds.

If you have a converted model that you wish to use, you need to ask Andrew for permission to use it, they may tell you to bring the proper model(s) if necessary.

Online registration
If you think there has been a mistake with your registration please PM me with your real name and explain the issue so I can confirm/deny the situation.

Registration will be done via the Irresistible Force store page


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