AK Interactive - Dual Exo 12A - Alien Green 60ml

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AK Interactive - Dual Exo 12A - Alien Green 60ml

Dual Exo is a professional paint technologically developed from an ultra-resistant acrylic polymer with maximum covering power and resistance. It is a self-leveling acrylic paint that provides a slightly satin finish. What makes this range special is that it is made from a dispersion (resin) of a very fine aqueous copolymer with a specific morphology that makes it multi-adherent. Get a scaled effect of the paint on your models with the color mixtures. The DUAL painting system is designed to make transitions of vivid colors on Mechas, Gunpla, Sci-Fi, etc, but above all it is designed to do it in a simple, effective and fast way. This painting system is identified by a Number and a Letter on each painting (1A-1B, 2A-2B, 3A-3B, etc.) and allows to darkening of color A with color B or lightening color B with color A, depending on the base color. By modifying the proportions we will obtain intermediate shades of color to make the transitions in a simple way without thinking about which color to use so that the shades work harmoniously. Features: * Acrylic paint. Non-toxic. Odorless. Does not damage the plastic. * Ultra-resistant with maximum adhesion on any surface. * Stretches and does not leave orange peel. * Self-leveling. * It can be applied both with airbrush and brush but given its low viscosity is ideal for use with an airbrush. * Technically perfect paint. * Slightly satin finish.