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Irresistible Force

X-wing Escalation 28th November

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# of Rounds: 4
Points: 120 - 300 (see Special Rules)
Format: Extended
Special Rules:
In an Escalation tournament, players will start the first round with a 120 point list. After each round, your list total increases by 60 points (so for round 2 you will have 180 points, then 240, then 300).

Normal squad limits apply (minimum 2 ships, maximum of 8 ).

Everything you use in each round must carry over to the next. Upgrades cannot be moved between ships, but you may add new upgrades to existing ships. You cannot "upgrade" ships by swapping pilots.

Players may "bank" points by under-spending in one round, then bringing in a more expensive card in the next round (eg. I bring a 100 point First Order list in the first round, then in the second round add Kylo Ren for 76 points).

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