X-wing: Aces High 13th February 2021

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Date: 13th Feb

9:30am Registration 

Format: Aces High

Free-for-All Points: Variable (see below)

In Aces High, players fly a single ship and compete in multiplayer free-for-alls to score the most Victory Points (VP). Based on attendance, players will be divided into 'pods' of 4-6. After each round, players will be split into different pods for the following round. The player with the highest total VP at the end of the event wins.

During this event, the number of points available will change each round: 1st Round: 50 points 2nd Round: 60 points 3rd Round: 80 points 4th Round: 100 points Players are free to change upgrades, pilot, ship and faction between rounds. First Hit: The first time a ship is damaged by an enemy ship or device, that enemy scores 1 VP.

Kill Shot: Whenever a ship is destroyed by an enemy ship or device, that enemy scores 2 VP plus all VP on the target's pilot card. Then place 1 VP on the attacker's pilot card. Stay in the Fight: If a ship flees, is destroyed by self-inflicted damage (such as a its own bomb), or by a neutral damage source (such as an asteroid or critical hit card), remove all VP from its ship card. Its player loses that much VP + 1.

Respawn: At the start of each round, starting with the first player, each player with no ship in play rolls an attack die, then places his or her ship at one of the hyperspace points matching the rolled symbol. Players ignore mines during this process and during their first activation after respawning. If it cannot be placed at any of the matching positions without overlapping another ship, that ship's player places it anywhere in the play area at range 0 of a board edge instead. End of Round: If any player has scored 6 or more VP, the game ends.

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