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Irresistible Force

Star Wars Armada Pelta-class Frigate Expansion Pack

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A flexible vessel capable of serving as a combat transport or a medical evacuation craft, the Pelta-class frigate is a mainstay of the Republic Navy. These ships fulfill vital strategic and logistical roles, keeping the Grand Army of the Republic in fighting shape and supporting key operations across the galaxy.

You’ll find everything you need to add a Pelta-class frigate to your Republic fleets within this expansion, including a beautifully detailed, pre-painted miniature and two ship cards that invite you to fly it as a transport or as a medical frigate. Although it may be small, the Pelta-class frigate can still carry some of the Republic’s best tactical minds, including Admiral Tarkin himself.

Including Tarkin, this expansion adds seven upgrade cards to your Republic arsenal, inviting you to upgrade your ship with two new commanders, additional crew, a new fleet command, unique titles for your Pelta-class frigate. We’ll take a look at all these upgrades in a future preview!

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