Shadows of Brimstone - Forbidden Fortress Paint Set

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Water Based Acrylic paint set. Forbidden Fortress Premium Paint Set (Includes 10 unique Paints, Brush, and Painting Guide)
This paint set was created with colors focusing on the Japanese Forbidden Fortress heroes and enemies from the game. It can be combined with the Heroes of the Old West and Creatures of the Void Paint Sets with no overlapping colors, to create a full range of paints and inks to handle all of the figures from the Shadows of Brimstone world.
10 x Army Painter Paints,
1 x Brush,
Paint Guide Paints Include:
Elemental Yellow 
Oni Red 
Pale Flesh 
Ninja Black 
Cherry Blossom Pink 
Yamabushi Blue 
Tengu Grey 
Bone Eater Green 
Statue Bronze 
Strong Tone Ink

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