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Scale 75

Scale 75 Scalecolor Collection

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Scale 75 water-based acrylic paints are specifically designed to provide efficient coverage and a smooth finish. Their paint sets provide a wide and varied range of colours pallets branded for easy distinction, they are the perfect addition to any painter's collection.

The set consists of these 63 colors:

Black, White, Nacar, Graphite, Anthartic Gray, Artic Blue, Bering Blue, Caspian Blue, Abyssal Blue, White Sands, Tenere Yellow, Sahara Yellow, Gobi Brown, Dubai Brown, Kalahari Orange, Adriatic Blue, Eclipse Gray, Pale Skin, Light Skin, Golden Skin, Basic Flesh, Pink Flesh, Arabic Shadow, Indian Shadow, African Shadow, Birch, Sandalwood, Iroko, Orange Leather, Walnut, Red Leather, Brown Leather, Black Leather, Sunset Purple, Fuchsia, Deep Red, Blood Red, Antares Red, Aldebaran Red, Mars Orange, Sol Yellow, Black Forest Green, Boral Green, Irati Green, Sherwood Green, Ardennes Green, Field-Gray, Spring Green, Fall Green, Caribbean Blue, Sky Blue, Mediterranean Blue, Tesla Blue, Cantabric Blue, Navy Blue, Deep Blue, Violet, Petroleum Gray, Graphene Gray, Brown Gray, Rainy Gray, Thar Brown, Mojave White

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