PIP71119 Northkin Theme Box

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From a Land of Ice and Snow

Out of the blizzards of the frozen north march the Northkin, a mighty alliance of resolute trollkin warriors. The Northkin rush to battle with axes in hand, the blood of trolls in their veins, and frost-rimed winter trolls at their side, and any who face them must confront the fury of the winter storm. Northkin shamans command the bone-chilling power of their homelands, and their warbeasts freeze the enemy in place before shattering them with their weapons.

Take command of these barbaric warriors with this box, which puts a full warband of Northkin in your hands ready to support your warlocks battlegroup. Crush the enemy and drink deep in victory!


8-page Northkin primer
Krielstone Bearer & Stone Scribes unit (4)
Northkin Bear Handler & Battle Bears unit (3)
Northkin Fire Eaters unit (3)
Northkin Elder Command Attachment
Trollkin Whelps
Trollkin Runebearer solo
Valka Curseborn, Chieftain of the North solo

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