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Modifx Brush - Small Drybrush

Modifx Brush - Small Drybrush

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This is for one (1) Modifx Round Handle Synthetic Small Drybrush.

Featuring a round wooden handle, each Modifx brush has been checked for quality in Australia to ensure it meets our standards. This provides you with a comfortable, high quality brush suitable for long painting sessions.

Modifx now offers a full range of high quality synthetic paint brushes at reasonable prices. The tough synthetic fibers make these brushes some of the most versatile you can find for the price. Able to be used with almost any type of paint or medium and capable of withstanding heavy workloads. All without compromising on the ability to paint smooth lines on your miniatures.

The text and ferrule for the Synthetic range feature a bold silver paint scheme, to help differentiate them from other brushes in our range. Each brush size can be easily identified by its own unique coloured end, allowing you to switch between brushes with little confusion. The size of the brush is also clearly marked in text along the handle along with a product code and SKU.

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