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PIP73096 Legion of Everblight Battlegroup (plastic)

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From the frozen north the twisted servants of the dragon Everblight descend upon western Immoren in an avalanche of fury and dragon fire, laying waste to all at the bidding of their master. Harness the power of the Legion to obliterate your foes with this fully loaded battlegroup box.

  • 5 Highly Detailed, Single-colored Plastic Miniatures with Stat Cards
    • Warlock Kryssa, Conviction of Everblight
    • Neraph Heavy Warbeast
    • Nephilim Light Warbeast
    • Shredder Lesser Warbeast
    • Shredder Lesser Warbeast
  • Basic Training Tutorial Guide
  • Battle Map
  • Introductory Guide
  • HORDES: Primal Rules Digest
  • 18” Ruler
  • 4 Six-sided Dice
  • 10 Fury Tokens
  • 3 Spell Tokens
  • Obstacle Card

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