Judgement: Piper - Elf Illusionist/Rogue [Supporter] (OCT)

Judgement: Piper - Elf Illusionist/Rogue [Supporter] (OCT)

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Piper is a pixie like elf that loves practical jokes...with a hard edge. Piper exhibits a playful personality in public that conceals the thirst for power that has led him down some very dark paths. 

Piper is treated with suspicion by those who know him, for his humor is black and often deadly. His appearance is deceptive, he is not a large elf, nor is he heavily muscled, however when forced into combat he can be quite a handful, particularly against a distracted foe. His upbringing and position in the cult gave Piper a rare capability with illusion and in combination with his incisive intelligence he can bewilder even the most alert of foes.

In game Piper is an interesting option, since he is one of the stronger supports in melee, through the Backstab ability. If you decide to go this route, augmenting his melee ability with the Vorpal Blade (magical artefact) is a good option. His other abilities and natural stat-line make him incredibly mobile and a difficult character to play around for your opponent.

All Judgement models are cast using the highest quality resin on the market. Every sculpt includes a themed scenic base and ships with statistics cards, in a professionally illustrated collectable box.

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