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The 'G-30L'

This tray includes the following pockets:

30x 25x50mm Slots

The tray is available in various thicknesses

Tray Thickness

All our Generic trays are produced locally in Melbourne, and are laser cut on our Trotec Speedy 400s.

They are available in a range of thicknesses as determined by the pocket depth (keep in mind we add an 8mm base layer):

  • 25mm deep pockets (total thickness 33mm)
  • 35mm deep pockets (total thickness 43mm)
  • 40mm deep pockets (total thickness 38mm)
  • 50mm deep pockets (total thickness 58mm)
  • 60mm deep pockets (total thickness 68mm)

From the drop down, simply select the thickness you need and we'll add an 8mm base layer to make the tray sturdy and provide excellent protection for your miniatures.  Keep this in mind when determining your total thickness if you are trying to figure out what can fit in your cases.

Sometimes there can be tiny variations in the thickness of the foam, this is due to the manufacturing process of the actual foam itself, but we try to ensure that when a tray is listed at 35mm ... the pocket is 35mm!

Colour variation in the foam can occur, from light grey to dark grey ... again, this is part of the manufacturing process of the actual foam which we have no control over.

Tray Dimensions

Width: 190mm
Length: 380mm

Foam Tray Dimensions Example

Default Text Engraving

There is no default text engraving on the edge of this tray

Custom Text

Custom Text is available on this tray

About Custom Text

If you want custom text engraved on the side of your tray simply enter the text you want on the side of the tray in the space provided remembering that you can only have up to 15 characters (including spaces) engraved on your tray.

Custom Text will allows be engraved in UPPERCASE Tahoma Font. If you want something different (including a different font) please contact us for a quote.

Adding Custom Text increases the cost of your tray by the amount shown.

Note: If your order includes a tray with Custom Text please allow up to 7 working days for your order to be prepared

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