PIP71092	Dhunian Knot Trollblood Trollkin Unit (3) (metal)
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PIP71092 Dhunian Knot Trollblood Trollkin Unit (3) (metal)

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The Dhunian knot is an old tradition of trollkin shamans banding together to combine their mystical power. In battle, they call upon Dhunia to heal wounds and manipulate the threads of fate. They can bring a dire troll back from the edge of a rampage or even magically compel others’ beasts to rise up against their masters. Even hopeless battles may prove favorable under the guidance of a knot.

FEATURES: The Dhunian Knot offers Trollbloods great support options. The ability to bring re-rolls combined with their ability to provide extra healing as well as an approachable price point mean you should see high sales of this kit with your Trollblood players.

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