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D&D Temple of Elemental Evil Board Game

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Just like the games it follows, this new board game features multiple scenarios, challenging quests and cooperative game play designed for 1-5 players. The contents can also be combined with other D&D Adventure System Cooperative play board games, including The Legend of Drizzt® and Castle Ravenloft®

Continuing the grand adventures of Wrath of Ashardalon®, Castle Ravenloft® and The Legend of Drizzt® this brand new Adventure System board game is planned to feature*:
40 figures
• 8 Hero cards
• 4 Villain cards
• 1 rulebook
• 1 adventure book
• 20-sided die
• 4 double-sized interlocking tiles
• 55 interlocking tiles
• 200 cards
• 168 tokens

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