PIP41159 Captain Rahera, Terror of the Wailing Sea
Privateer Press

PIP41159 Captain Rahera, Terror of the Wailing Sea

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For most who dwell among the Scharde Islands, the pirate’s life means freedom and a chance for wealth, at least for those who are sufficiently ruthless and driven. Captain Rahera represents these ideals better than most, having risen above the riff-raff of the many pirate dens to seize her own destiny. She has somehow managed to retain autonomy while also staying in the good graces of Cryx’s lich lords and considers herself beholden to no man, living or dead. She claims to know the sacrificial magics of the Satyxis—and the ships she claims certainly see their decks painted red with the blood of the fallen. Captain Rahera is a Cryx and Mercenary ’caster that blends aggression and support. Her abilities favor Privateers and Scharde pirates while providing potent buffs to your ’jacks with Escort and Manifest Destiny. Rahera herself favors a forward aggressive style, attempting to trigger her Blood Weaver ability to generate free casts of her powerful spell list to further the potency of her forces. She works equally well in Cryx and Mercenary forces and favors a mix of ’jack and unit choices.


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