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Chaos Dreadhold: Malefic Gate
Games Workshop

Chaos Dreadhold: Malefic Gate

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Intimidating, iron-bound entrances to the fortresses of Chaos that litter the corrupted realms, the Malefic Gates defend the bastions of the Dark Gods, allowing nothing to pass but the most twisted and evil monsters of darkness. Virtually impregnable, the gates require heroic feats of strength to be moved even slightly - nothing but the most powerful creatures in the realms have even a hope of getting through.

This multi-part plastic kit contains everything needed to build one Malefic Gate, the sinister entrance to the Chaos Dreadhold. It comes with two wall sections, a bridge that can be used to connect any of the kits in the range and a gate section, featuring two articulated doors that can be opened individually. The entire kit is festooned with the grimness of Chaos - it’s practically made of skulls and spikes! Every kit in the Chaos Dreadhold is explicitly designed to be fully modular, combining with the others to build a fortress as wildly, ostentatiously huge as your imagination can conceive. 



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