Knights of dice


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  • The warehousing district of the Sentry City Waterfront is home to legit business operators and low-life crooked scum a like.  Breyfogle Logistics is one of the more reputable companies operating in the area, capable of warehousing and organising the transport logistics of some of the higher end businesses located around Sentry City and the surrounds.

    This is a MASSIVE model, as behoves a warehouse type building.  The irregular shape offers lots of opportunities for models to hide around corners and really improves the playability and versatility of such a big model.  Several access points to the roof provide for dynamic game play, with the rear ladder being positionable in various locations. As you can see from the product pictures the building is detailed inside and completely playable, including the roof top loft/office.  This helps make the building more versatile instead of being just a big line of sight blocking monster in the middle of the table.

    We have incorporated corrugated card into this kit to make the roller door more realistic as well as using it for the small pallet lift inside the building to represent the protective rubber guards often seen on these types of lifts.

    This kit is produced on A3 sprues and includes both 3mm, 2mm MDF, as well as card and corrugated card components.


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