Warhammer Fantasy Masters

The Warhammer Fantasy Masters was run for the first time in 2004 with great success and much fanfare. The Masters is an end of tournament season invitation only event where the players who have performed consistently well in various tournaments throughout the year get the opportunity to play off against one another for the title of Warhammer Fantasy Master!

As determining who the eligible players are is a very subjective exercise the Masters determines its invitations by selecting players based on the Irresistible Force rankings system.

Invitations to the Masters can be gained in three ways.

  1. Finish the tournament season in the top 10 in the overall rankings.
  2. Win the previous year's Masters.
  3. Gain the #1 ranking in your State group.

Traditionally the Masters field consists of 16 players. So if after the 3 methods listed above have been applied we do not have a field of 16 players the Master's invitations will pass down until we fill the quota of 16 players. Note that under normal circumstances an invitation will never pass down to a player outside the top 20.

The Masters event is run as a fun, interesting and challenging series of games bringing together some of the best Warhammer Fantasy tournament players from Australia and New Zealand. It has generated a lot of interest in the Australian and New Zealand Warhammer Fantasy communities and has already built a reputation as a premium event in the tournament calendar. For 2007 and 2008 a sponsor was secured that resulted in all Master's players travel and accommodation expenses being fully paid for. This raised the tournament to unprecedented levels of professionalism and popularity and generated an enormous buzz throughout the Warhammer Fantasy scenes in both Australia and New Zealand. Increases in both the number of tournaments and the size of hte events was witnessed around the two countries and we now find ourselves with a very healthy and vibrant tournament scene.

The Masters continues to grow in stature and stands as the pinnacle of tournament play. Each year new innovations are introduced to further the enhance the experience for players and spectators alike. In fact raising the profile of top flight tournament games to include increased spectator numbers is an emerging agenda for the Irresisitble Force team and something we are working very hard towards establishing.



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