Welcome to Irresistible Force!

We've been asked a lot of late how we go about fulfilling orders, doing restocks and getting in new games and new releases.

The general rule is to email or contact the shop directly. We are more than happy to help customers order in difficult to acquire items/products or even simply put you in touch with a supplier that could also help out. 

It is impossible for us to carry every item on our website, some items are rare or simply take some time to acquire. Such as Games Workshop "Direct Range" items. Which are usually clearly marked in our online store 'Games Workshop Direct'.

In regards to specific ranges, products and the companies that produce them, please note the following.

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Games Workshop Orders:
Our Games Workshop weekly restock and new release order is finalised by noon every Tuesday. If you are looking for anything in particular then e-mail the shop.

Flames of War/Privateer Press/Fantasy Flight Games: 
We have orders rolling in on a weekly basis for these companies, however, we only submit our orders once we have met our minimum order requirements. Be aware that some items in these ranges can be difficult to acquire or can even simply be out of stock.
We usually contact you as soon as your item arrives or if there is an issue obtaining it.

Other Ranges:
Contact the shop and we can advise you on availability and the estimated time of the item's arrival.

In the instance of a cancelled Afterpay order or refund, there is a 7% surcharge fee, of the total purchase price, from Afterpay that is payable by the customer.


When do I need to get my Games Workshop order in by to get it the same week?
We send our GW order at 5pm on Tuesdays every week.
If your order comes in after that, then your items won’t arrive for another week.

When will my Games Workshop order arrive?
If ordered in time on Tuesday, it will usually arrive the same Thursday.
This however is only if your Games Workshop order includes items from the “Main Range”.
Anything from Games Workshop’s “Direct Range” (usually marked with a red arrow on Games Workshop’s website) can take up to 3 weeks to arrive.

Has my order arrived yet?
You will be contacted when your order has arrived in store.

What does the fulfilled status on my order mean?
This means that you have either collected it in-store, or that we have just packed and shipped it.