Star Wars: Legion Rally Point Qualifier 14th September

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It's time for our first ever Star Wars: Legion Rally Point Qualifier at Irresistible Force! Whether you're a Rebel or loyal to the Empire, come join your fellow Legion players in a battle for control of the galaxy!
Rallypoint Qualifiers are tournaments that offer a heightened level of competition. Additionally, these high-profile events draw players from throughout the region and help establish a greater sense of community.
Of course, if you compete in a Rallypoint Qualifier, you'll have a chance to face your region's best infantry commanders—and vie for cool prizes, including an invitation to the High Command Invitational at AdeptiCon!
We will be using the official Fantasy Flight Games Tournament Rules, using the Advanced Tournament Structure. Each Swiss round is two hours. If we have enough players, we'll have a single elimination final that is 210 minutes in length. Each round will be followed by a 15 minute break.
A player's army may not exceed 800 points, must contain miniatures from only one faction unless an effect allows them to do otherwise, and must include the appropriate number of units of each rank, as listed in the Star Wars: Legion Rules Reference.
Tables and terrain will be preset prior to deployment, and players may not modify a board's layout. If, prior to deployment, both players feel there is an issue with the board layout, they may alert to Tournament Organizer (TO). Depending on the circumstances, the TO may adjust the terrain as needed.
The approximate round times are as follows:
9:00 Rego
9:30 - 11:30 Round 1
12:30 - 2:30 Round 2
2:45 - 4:45 Round 3
If we reach numbers required we are looking at a Sunday morning single elimination round.



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