PIP37024 Vanguard

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Originally designed and crafted from the finest materials and the skilled hands of the Golden Crucible, only a small number of Vanguards were ever produced. Able to keep pace with the fleetest of warcasters, and to set their cannon-laden shield and long hafted poleaxe against their foes, the Vanguard is a highly prized masterpiece on the battlefield. Originally available in the early days of WARMACHINE, the Vanguard has received a beautiful new model release. The Vanguard is available not only to Mercenary armies but also to any Crucible Guard warcaster as well. The huge-based Captain Mackay (PIP 37019) gains much needed protection from enemy firepower with the inclusion of a Vanguard or two.

PIP 37024 (Vanguard Mercenary Light Warjack) represents the same figure in the game as PIP 41020. The model in PIP 37024 is a new sculpt and therefore looks different from the model in PIP 41020. The replaced PIP will no longer be available from Privateer Press beginning in November 2018.

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