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  • These awesome carriers cover the waterfront and dockyards of Sentry City, moving containers and goods around ready for distribution across the city. With the Sentry City docks firmly under the control of organised mobsters, who knows what these beasts of burden are moving around ... goods, drugs, people?

    The straddle carrier is a massive and impressive looking model and makes a great center-piece. It's wheel rails are large enough to conceal most miniatures, whilst multiple ladders and platforms encourage interactive game play allowing you to place miniatures (especially snipers!) high up.  The cab is also large enough to fit a miniature inside, however to accomdate this we have decided not to include any control panels.

    There are enough parts in this kit for the option ot have the container arm raised or lowered - in the website images the arm is raised.  Pay careful attention to the instructions to ensure you use the correct parts for the position your desire.

    The container arm is strong enough to grip and hold a container without glue, however once your models are painted you may find the tolerance is too extreme and paint may rub from the inside of the container arms and the outside of your container where the arm grips it.

    We recommend either gluing a container permanently in place, lightly sanding the inside of the carriers arms or experimenting with magnets for the ultimate flexibility!


    Model Dimensions (approx)

    Footprint - 160x240mm
    Height - 240mm (to the roof of the cab)



    This kit includes MANY small parts and will take time to assemble. Patience and care should be taken to ensure all pieces fit properly before gluing.


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