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71.361 Vallejo Auxiliary Airbrush Thinner (60ml)

71.361 Vallejo Auxiliary Airbrush Thinner (60ml)

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This Vallejo Model Air Thinner contains 60ml of Vallejo Model Air Thinner.

Vallejo Model Air Thinner makes Model Air colours more flexible yet does not affect their covering power, adherence or opacity. The addition of thinner marginally extends drying time within the airbrush mechanism and airbrush experts recommend always adding a few drops of thinner to the colours. Water and alcohol can also be used, but they will alter the properties of Model Air paint slightly.

Note: The actual paint colors may vary from the color swatches. We have tried to get as close as possible to the actual colors, but the swatches below will give you a good approximation of the true shades.

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