A Narrative Warhammer 40,000 Slow Grow League.

If the tales of old are true, the Cygnarion Nexus holds secrets powerful enough to shape the fate of galaxies. Whether you're a seasoned commander or just setting foot into the vast Warhammer 40,000 universe, this league offers an experience tailored for all.

Join us for sixteen weeks of fierce competition, camaraderie, and narrative-driven warfare. Dive deep into the Cygnarion narrative, guide your army's fate, and become a part of the story that will be told for ages to come!

Secure your spot, delve into the players pack for comprehensive rules and guidelines, and may the Emperor, the Gods of Chaos, or whichever deity you pledge allegiance to, be with you!

Each round will be fought on a different planet within the Cygnarion Nexus.

Every victory and defeat will contribute to the narrative that will be forged over this campaign. This blog will serve as the Central Vox Network for the everyone to communicate.

Caelum Ignifera

Once a thriving forge world of the Imperium, its core became unstable after a failed attempt to harness an unknown energy source. The surface now roils with constant volcanic eruptions, lava rivers, and ash storms, making it a treacherous battleground. Yet deep within its fiery maw lie remnants of its former glory—ancient forge-temples that might still contain invaluable Adeptus Mechanicus tech-relics.


A primeval world, Solthara is a vast expanse of towering trees, sprawling vines, and carnivorous flora. It is said that this jungle planet's very vegetation seems to have a mind of its own, ensnaring intruders or leading them astray. Mysterious ruins peek through its dense canopy, evidence of a forgotten race that once called Solthara home and perhaps left behind secrets of cosmic significance.


Ghostly remnants of a once-prosperous human colony world, its cities now lie in ruin and are eerily silent. Legends tell of an arcane force that swept through Halcyon, leaving its inhabitants in a state of perpetual stasis—frozen in time. The echoes of the past still resonate here, and any force that ventures into its quiet streets might awaken things best left undisturbed.


A desert planet with a unique phenomenon: its sands shift and reshape, revealing or burying secrets in unpredictable cycles. Nomadic tribes traverse its dunes, descendants of ancient settlers who've learned to decode Aridax's sand patterns. They speak of the "Whispering Tempests"—sandstorms that, if listened to, reveal glimpses of the planet's deep-rooted enigmas.

Communication, pairings and league stats.

The enigmatic Eldar, interpreting their cryptic runes, saw it as a keystone from the time before Slaanesh's birth. The ever-hungry Tyranids, drawn by unknown forces, swarmed towards the Nexus sensing not just prey, but an intrinsic call. The Tau, in their ever-expanding frontier, viewed the Nexus as the next step in the Greater Good, while the Orks, driven by the promise of a monumental 'Waaagh!', were simply eager to join the escalating conflict.

Forge your legend. Uncover the Enigma.


Hi, I noticed when I was in the other day, you guys are accepting of recast and 3d printed models/proxies. Can I use 3d printed or recast models for this event?

Daniel Mason

Count me in!

David manz

I am SO keen for this


I would like to sign up too. I do not use FB and can not see the channel on discord. It looks like a very fun event!


Heck yea, been keen and waiting on this one! See you all on the battlefield!

Kris Nell

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