As the relentless conflict of the Cygnarion Nexus engulfs Solthara, the warbands find themselves entangled in an altogether different kind of warfare. This primeval jungle planet, shrouded in verdant mystery, poses a stark contrast to the fiery turmoil of Caelum Ignifera. Here, the danger lurks not in eruptions of fire, but in the deceptive tranquility of nature run amok.

Mission Rules

Communication, pairings and league stats.

The towering trees are like sentinels, their roots deep in the planet's history, their branches a testament to the resilience of life. The thick vines that crisscross the landscape are not just barriers but potential traps, ensnaring the unwary in a grip as strong as any enemy's embrace.

  • Carnivorous flora and predatory plants add to the peril, moving with a disturbing sentience. The warbands soon learn that in Solthara, the ground they tread on is as much a foe as the armies they face. Every step is a gamble, every movement a calculated risk in this untamed wilderness.

  • Amidst this overgrown chaos lie the ruins of a forgotten civilization, enigmatic structures that pierce the green veil. These ancient remnants hint at a lost knowledge, a forgotten power that once harnessed the very forces of nature. The warbands are drawn to these relics, not just for their strategic value but for the secrets they might unlock.

In Solthara, the fight is not just for supremacy but for survival. The jungle's embrace is as deadly as it is seductive, its beauty hiding the perils that lie in wait. Every victory, every conquered outpost, every enemy vanquished is a testament to the warbands' tenacity against the indomitable force of nature.

Forge your legend. Uncover the Enigma.

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