As the warbands converge on Caelum Ignifera, the first world of the Cygnarion Nexus, they are met with a hostile and tumultuous environment. The once thriving forge world now writhes in turmoil, with fiery eruptions and rivers of molten lava posing as much of a threat as the enemy. In the midst of this chaotic battleground, the remnants of ancient forge-temples beckon, rumored to house invaluable Adeptus Mechanicus tech-relics.

Forces on both sides recognize that this is more than just a battle; it's an extermination. Every inch of ground, every objective secured, and every enemy destroyed becomes a statement. A declaration of intent. A message to every other faction that they are here to dominate.

Yet, the flames of Caelum Ignifera do more than just scorch; they reveal. With every eruption, the fiery world might unveil another piece of its storied past, another clue towards the ultimate prize of the Nexus.

Mission Rules

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The Astra Militarum, ever vigilant in their duty, march into the Nexus, their hearts burning with tales of the Enigma as the ultimate tactical asset. Deep within the folds of the Warp, the sorcerous Thousand Sons are beckoned. They believe the Enigma may be an ancient relic from Old Earth, pulsing with untapped psychic might. The secretive Dark Angels move with a shadowed purpose, driven by suspicions of a Fallen presence, hoping the Enigma might be the key to silencing their chapter's whispered sins.

The air grows stagnant as the Death Guard arrive, lured by the promise of a new pathogen or an eldritch weapon lying within the Nexus. But amidst this darkness, the Space Wolves, with their runes aglow, hope to unearth an ancient artifact or confront an old nemesis. For the Tau, it's the vision of the Greater Good, with the Enigma as a technological marvel to unite the stars.

  • Aeldari Farseers, their minds a web of shimmering strands, foresee the Enigma intertwining with the fate of their dwindling race. Silent and ancient, the Necrons stir, believing the Nexus resonates with memories of the long-lost Necrontyr dynasty. Ever ravenous, the Tyranid swarms descend, drawn by the region's potent bio-energies, while the raucous Orks, intoxicated by the overwhelming WAAAGH! energy, seek to claim the Nexus for their own.

  • The predatory Drukhari, with their insatiable thirst for souls, see the Enigma as another prize to be pilfered.
    From the heart of the Imperium, the Grey Knights sense a warp disturbance. To them, the Enigma might be a beacon against the encroaching Chaos. In the shadows, the Gene Stealers and their insidious cults believe it can further their silent conquest, while the Ultramarines, standard-bearers of the Emperor's vision, view the Enigma as a testament to their Primarch's legacy.

With a zealous flame, the Adeptus Sororitas and Black Templars, fueled by faith and fury, believe the Enigma holds divine significance. The Blood Angels, haunted by their tragic flaw, hope it might offer them redemption or understanding. All the while, the Adeptus Mechanicus' Tech-Priests, with their binary chants, are drawn to what they believe could be a piece of lost archeotech.

Forge your legend. Uncover the Enigma.

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