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05 Apr '17

New White Dwarf issue

Posted by Jason Edwards in Announcements, In Store News

And the new White Dwarf is in! Featuring a preview of the new AOS models that are totally not Squats for 30k, previews for Dawn of War 3 released at the end of this month and a painting guide for the new dwarves that translates really well to any arm such as Ad Mech, Mech Guard and Necrons.

So pop on down and grab your copy.

08 Jan '17

Welcoming in the New Year and the new Tournament Season!

Posted by Andy Done in Announcements, Armada, In Store News, x-wing

Welcome to 2017 and a new year!


As the people who have dropped in over the last few months have seen, we've transitioned owners with Jon and Andy stepping in to run the store and things are coming along well. We've removed a few walls, increased the table space; and we're now gearing up for our first Regional's with X-wing and Armada tickets going live today and Warmachine and Warhammer side events going live in the next week. 

Speaking of side events, Epic X-wing will have its first casual tournament of the year on the 15th of January followed by Epic Armada on the 5th of February after Cancon for a nice wind down. Several other events will be added to the calendar to keep our players busy.


We've also added 6 new painting stations to the store so people can enjoy their painting socially, so come on down, take a look at the changes and say hi!




20 Nov '15

Gift Cards now available!

Posted by Patrick McConnell in Announcements

Did you know we now offer gift cards from our online store?

They're super easy to use and it lets the person you're buying for get exactly what they're after. 

Here's how you can get one...

Step 1 - Follow the link here... http://www.irresistibleforce.com.au/products/gift-card

Step 2 - Select the value of the gift card you're wanting to give ($10-$200)

Step 3 - Proceed to the checkout and complete your purchase and you will be send a 'Gift Card Code' which can be redeemed in our online store or in store for just the perfect gift.

See? Simples... :)  

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