The Home Of Commander In South East Queensland

The Home Of Commander In South East Queensland

The excitement behind the team and the turnouts arriving each and every Wednesday and Sunday afternoon to slug it out cannot be more electric. 

There were over 24 people playing, 6 full pods and not an ounce of salt in sight. There is no entry fee, no points and no social contracts. The team behind this want to take their Commander environment back to it's roots being player driven and social. 

Every player is welcome to put $10 into a pot for a chance at what is always a generous lucky door prize. The teams reasoning for not pushing a competition based event is to try and curb encouraging a power creep. 

"We aren't discouraging competitive decks, we just aren't encouraging them" Say's Jon the owner. "We love seeing players with pre-constructed decks sitting opposite jank lords, smiling and laughing, that's Commander for us."

The community is responding positively, diving into a discord and a Facebook group that is wildly active. Anyone can turn up, sit down and play while the atmosphere in the room is closer to a Commander house party than it is a scheduled store event.

There is talk of themed tournaments on the horizon with enough support, so head over to the discord and the Irresistible Force Gaming and get stuck into one of the most wholesome and thriving Commander Communities you have ever seen.

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