Tales from the Warp 24-06-2018

Tales from the Warp 24-06-2018

Hi there one and all, and welcome to the first (and admittedly late; warp travel isn’t an exact science) entry in IF’s monthly foray into all things GW! So, without further ado and the ringing of the Chaos Gods still fresh in my ears, let’s dive into it!

This month sees a huge release for Age of Sigmar, as gamers and enthusiast are presented with new updated rules. Since Age of Sigmar’s release in 2015 it has seen a lot of new changes; factions Squatted, characters new and old introduced or re-introduced in exciting new ways. From a tabletop perspective, the ruleset changed from the tried and true rank and file to free flow skirmish system. Well after 3 years of butchering and slaughtering each other across the Mortal Realms, the new rules are designed to address the issues that pop up over the course of a game systems lifespan. Some of these changes include the introduction of command points for Battalion Warscrolls as well as new Spells for spellcasters. To tie it all up, a new starter set featuring more Stormcast and the gorgeous Nighthaunt models accompanies the updated rules. Fans of Age of Sigmar will no doubt want to get their hands on this new box set and models, and of course the rule book is available separately for those who prefer updated fluff to the models.

Over in the grim darkness of the Far Future we saw the release of the newest additions to the Imperial factions: Knights! And wow, what a release! For those whose heart thrills at the sound of iron shod behemoths and their thunderous guns, this release is a God (Emperor) send. With new models like the Armigers as well as the COLOSSAL Valiant and Castellans, you can know bring down the thunder with more dakka than you can shake an ammo runt at! And not only do these models fill out a army known for a small sample of models, they do so with amazing kits that are customisable as well as detailed. Volcano Lane, Plasma Decimator as well as the deadly Thundercoil Harpoon and Conflagration Cannon are just some of the new goodies you can use to smash, bash, impale and otherwise messily remove any obstacle in your way. For any Imperial players who have been thinking “Does my army have enough firepower?” the answer is “No” but don’t worry, these guys are your answers.

In the Hobby section, we have the release of 2 new Technical Paints; Hexwraith Flame and Nighthaunt Gloom. For anyone keen to batch paint some awesome looking ghostly ghouls, these are your ticket. Throw them over a white undercoat, some highlights and you’re on your way to claiming some souls for Nagash. Also, Age of Sigmar Combat Gauges as well as amazingly characterful objective markers designed to add some flavour to your battlefield as well as new Wound Counters; for when stacks of six-sided dice just aren’t enough. Also, Malign Sorcery is released for spellcasters who grow tired of the same old spells and prefer a bit of variety in their wizardry.

Lastly, Forgeworld sees the much-anticipated release of the Lernean Terminators for the Alpha Legion in Horus Heresy. These sneaky gits; armed with volkite chargers and power axes, are the elite of the Hydra and are beautifully sculpted with fine detail scales over their Cataphractii Terminator armour. For any true Alpharius, definitely a must buy. And of course, Black Library keeps up it’s amazing stories set in our favourite worlds, be it the Mortal Realms or the 41st Millennium. So that’s all from me folks. If any of these grab your fancy, then feel free to swing on by the online store and check it out, or head instore and ask the friendly guys about any of these new releases.

As for me, seems those Flesh Hounds don’t give up that easily so back into the Cicatrix Maledictum I go. I’ll be back next month with more on what is in store for GW fans but until then, stay lucky and may the dice gods be always kind.

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