Super Series 2018 wrap up and kicking off the 2019 Season!!

Super Series 2018 wrap up and kicking off the 2019 Season!!

Wow what a year!

This is just a quick one guys.

Kicking back off the Super Series went better than I could have expected, thank you all for making it such a great event.

This year the competition was tougher than ever, the LCQ was hotly contested and as always you have to have a bit of luck to get through.

One of the guys (Liam Spires) who made it through has only started playing this year! And he even managed to pick up the fully painted Retribution army as a lucky door prize.

The Super series final is some of the toughest competition in Australia and every game was hard fought!!!

The finals was Jack Ding running High Reclaimer against Dimitri Running Harby which came down to Harby being taken down by Sev0.

Featured in the photo starting on the left Tom Oliver grabbing best painted for his stunning ret, Liam Spires picking up the king of Adelaide for second last place, Jack Ding for 1st place, Nathan Frawly for the Inaugural Jack Ding  award of most dissapoint for 4th place. Dimitri who picked up 2nd place.

And Finally Chris Davies who I think was more excited to win the 3th place trophy more so than winning the WTC for the second time.


So we are kicking off the 2019 season straight away with the Northern Rampage in North Queensland happening the weekend just past.

This was taken out by Dr Arkadius I mean Liam Gallagher.



The Next Qualifier will be CanCon Masters which will have 2 spots open to the top unqualified players.

Followed by Clash which also has 2 qualifying places available, run by Tom Oliver in Sydney (More details will be up soon).


I will be announcing more qualifiers as they come up, they will be held in Melbourne, Adelaide Champs (usually September), Tazzie and Brisbane.


That's all for now guys, if you are interested in hosting a qualifier don't hesitate to contact Gigantor Josh Bates.
















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